Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an entry fee for the Contest?


Who can participate in this Contest?

The Participant can be ICICI Bank customer or non-customer. However a non-customer will not be eligible for participation prize, contest prizes or an invitation to the event with Amitabh Bachchan.

Why do I need to register to take the quiz?

Registering ensures that we have your contact information and that you have read and accepted the Terms and conditions for the Meet Amitabh Online Quiz Contest.

How to participate in the Contest?

What are the Eligible ICICI Bank Transactions?

“Eligible ICICI Bank Transactions” are the transactions listed below carried out by the Participant only during the Contest Period:

  1. Credit card, Debit card, Mobile and Internet Banking transactions at merchant outlets and e-commerce. For Credit and Debit Card transactions, each transaction should be worth Rs.5,000 or more, OR
  2. Auto Debit/ Standing Instructions for EMI payment of above loan, OR
  3. Bill payments done through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM or Cards

Only active customer of ICICI Bank on any one or more of the above during the contest period can be the winner.

Do I have to answer all 10 questions and the 2 subjective questions to be eligible?

Yes. All the questions are mandatory.

What is the maximum number of times I can attend the quiz?

Participant can take up to 50 quiz attempts per day. For each attempt, there needs to be an Eligible ICICI Bank transaction carried out during the Contest Period.

I have taken the quiz more than one time, which attempt will be considered?

The quiz attempts for corresponding valid ICICI Bank transaction will be considered. The quiz attempts will be considered in the sequence in which it has been taken. Among the eligible attempts the best score will be considered for the contest

Can I take the attempt at quiz now and make an eligible ICICI Bank transaction later?


Why was my entry not accepted in the Contest?

The registration to the Contest should be done with ICICI Bank registered email id and mobile number. Each attempt will be linked to an Eligible banking transaction. If the above criteria are not met, then the same may lead to disqualification.

How do I know the time taken by me to answer the quiz?

Once you have answered all the 10 questions, and submitted the same, the time taken by you to answer will be displayed

How do I get to know the time taken for all the attempts that I have taken?

You can check out the time of all your attempts by logging in using your registered username and password for the Contest.

How can I know my score?

Post taking the quiz, an E-mail within 3 working days will be sent to your registered E-mail id with details of the score and time taken to answer the quiz.

What happens in case of a tie with other participant?

In case of a tie, the Jury will choose a Winner on the basis of the answers of the two subjective questions.

What are the prizes for this contest?

Click here to know the prizes for the contest

What are my chances of winning?

This is a skill-based contest and chances play no part in the determination of the Winners.

How do I refer someone?

To refer a friend for the contest, click on the 'Refer friend' button below. Your unique URL will be generated. Share the link with all your friends and win exciting prizes.

Does referring someone increase my opportunity to meet Amitabh?

Yes! Referring someone can get the top 5 referees a wild card entry to Meet Amitabh Bachchan. Other exciting prizes are also up for grabs!

Does my referral also get an opportunity to meet Amitabh?

Yes! Once your referral has taken the quiz, he/she too stands the opportunity to Meet Amitabh by either getting the best quiz score in the lowest time and doing eligible transactions or referring maximum number of people.


All customers, including those who open an account during the contest period, need to carry out an eligible ICICI Bank transaction to qualify for the contest
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